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Winter Detox

Are you ready for a customised detox plan.

Rest, cleanse and nourish your body from inside to out.


What is a winter detox ?

Detoxification is about removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, all readily available in the food chain. People detox for many reasons; they might be lacking in energy or feeling sluggish, have digestive problems, recently been overindulging in treat foods or just wanting to KICKSTART a bit of weight loss. A winter detox eliminates and neutralizes toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.

This is no fad or other silly diet that makes you eat single foods (like lemons) for a week. Instead it aims to bring the latest medical evidence about not only what your body needs to cleanse toxins but also the ways in which these foods can be incorporated into your regular lifestyle in a sustainable and enjoyable way. The approach is proven to provide great results and aims to move you gradually from your current good and bad food choices to a nutritious, enjoyable range of clean and lean foods. The core tenet of the approach is to ensure that most foods are not processed and that they are as fresh as possible. Foods that have fallen from a tree or been pulled from the ground and haven’t received much treatment from their origin to your plate.

Beginning with fresh produce and undertaking minimal techniques in cooking in preparation (eating raw, steaming or poaching) means that much of the natural healthy nutrients of the food are maintained through to your diet. When we consume high levels of processed foods and other treats like alcohol and refined sugars we are introducing not only reduced nutrient versions of those foods, but also chemicals for processing, treating and increasing shelf life of these products, into our systems. By reverting back to basics and relying on less complicated food we are providing our bodies with the best chance to cleanse unhealthy toxins and chemicals and revert to the types of fuel our engine likes best.


Megan Allender

M.Sc. Nutrition B.Ed. Physical Education


T. 0413 019 110


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