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Why riding a bike keeps you healthy

The most common answer to the question “What kind of riding do you want to do?” when purchasing a new bike is “nothing serious, just riding around..”. Don’t you love it when we’re having fun it’s ‘not serious’ but in all truth, cycling has some seriously good health benefits worth mentioning:

Cardio Vascular:
Cycling improves your heart and vascular system as well as improving your oxygen
intake and breathing. This enables you to walk the dog, spend a few hours out in nature or go on a bike ride and keep up with your grand kids. Around 50,000 people in Australia die from heart related diseases and 475,000 people hospitalised annually. The most vulnerable are people 35 and older. This does not include respiratory conditions that can be prevented or improved through regular cycling.

Bone Density:
Your bones provide you with the inherent strength in your skeletal structure to pick up your shopping, do some gardening or play with the kids. Exercise in general will benefit and enhance bone density. Keeping in mind you need to have a healthy balanced diet to complement your fitness program. Riding your bike off road or including some gentle hill climbing on your route will provide sufficient benefits for bone density with the added value of less impact on your joints.
Posture & Muscle Tone: Staying fit keeps your muscles healthy and in good working order. Cycling will assist you with strengthening your legs and torso muscles without the impact on the major joints like hips, knees, ankles and back that running and walking can have. Cycling is a low impact activity but selecting different terrain can offer you with a more strenuous activity.

Mental Health:
Good mental health is one of the fundamentals for living life to the full. The main benefit derived from cycling is that it assists the body in the production of endorphins. Endorphins assist us in having a positive and realistic attitude in general. We call it the happy hormone but our modern lifestyle with combinations of stress, bad sleeping habits and fast pace depletes us of it resulting in a general state of dissatisfaction, unhappiness or anxiety. Going on a bike ride for an hour 3 times a week will provide you with a regular dose of endorphins that will provide you with a more balanced view of your life in general.

Meeting People:
Through riding your bike you can meet other people and share nice experiences with
them through social rides. We do not know what life will through at us and being part of a group enjoying healthy exercise is often a life saver for many. Cycling has the unique benefit of being a low impact exercise benefiting the key building blocks of our general health. By spending time and money on your health now, acts as an investment for the future that will provide you with a great quality of
life doing things you would like to do in your old age.

Join AvantiPlus Workshops
At 55 years young, Graeme Hiller suffered a stroke, a heart attack 2 years later and then 4 months ago, he cycled up 4,800m and 11,000 kms across South America with his partner.
Graeme proves that you can take your life back on a bike! And to this point, we invite you to an "up close and personal" workshop with Graeme to learn of his amazing adventures and to be inspired by a down-to-earth story that offers the building blocks of good health.

Where: AvantiPlus, 6 Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove
When: Saturday May 4 @ 3:30 - 5:30pm
We believe you're better on a bike!

Erik Vosloo

A: AvantiPlus, 6 Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove

T: (03) 5255 2604

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