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River's Gift

For the family of a SIDS victim, the unexplained nature of the death is beyond heartbreaking. The unanswered questions exacerbate and prolong the grief.

River’s Gift was established in November 2011 by two devastated, yet focused and determined parents who were searching for answers surrounding the death of their 4 month old son, River Jak Adam. It has now developed into a global movement, with thousands of supporters across the globe and the formation of a dedicated research partnership that is committed to finding a cure. To date fundraising totals sit at $240,000 making River's  Gift the largest, non government funded SIDS research foundation in Australia.

River's Gift supports breathing monitors

Snuza is a unique range of baby monitors which offers the new parent a little peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. The range includes audio visual and vibration technology to alert parents of interruptions to their infant’s sleep during their early and most susceptible months of life.

Karl and Alex were using an audio/video monitor to watch River but they sadly discovered the reality – you don’t hear your baby stop breathing.

They are passionate about encouraging all parents to purchase breathing monitors for their children, so they are alerted by the alarm in the event of an incident.

With such a lack of understanding about SIDS, there are no guarantees that this monitor can save a life but it will give every parent the opportunity to potentially get to their babies aid as soon as an issue occurs.

River’s Gift are working in partnership with Lifestyle Parenting Distribution Group to introduce SNUZA to parents whilst supporting much needed SIDS research.

All profits from the purchase of your SNUZA through River’s Gift  will be directed towards raising awareness of SIDS and it’s much needed research.


River's Gift - breathing life into SIDS research

River's Gift
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