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Geelong Nannies Review

A lot of parents get anxious about leaving kidlets with someone that they don’t know. Personally, I’ve always subscribed to the theory that the quicker my children get used to being looked after by different people the easier they will adapt to change later on. School teachers will come and go, sports coaches will change and friendships alter with time. The bonus of Geelong Nannies is you can take a casual approach to child minding – maybe for a date night or a special occasion – or look for that longer term option so kids (and your nanny) get used to each others’ routine.  Either way you’ll find nothing less than genuine, honest and reliable service with top-notch child minders who respect and understand your needs.

NAME:                     Geelong Nannies


AIM:                        To provide professional, reliable and expert child minding services

AGE:                        Various

COST:                       Registration fee ($75)

                                Regular booking fee ($10)

                                Casual booking fee ($20)

                                Holiday makers fee ($30)

                                Nannies & babysitters ($18 – $20 per hour)

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Okay, so let’s set the scene. I’m a mum of four who runs a business with my husband, studies part-time and is renovating a house. In a flurry of stress each morning I was dragging the baby out of bed, yelling at the kids to get their shoes on (including the 3 year old) and rushing out the door. Eight hours later, I would arrive home from work exhausted with cranky kids, a cold house and no dinner on the table.  I needed help and I called Geelong Nannies!

Juliet and Mel went through a lengthy process to get to know us. A face-to-face interview and meeting the kids meant that they had an immediate understanding of my requirements, parenting style, expectations, days and times for minding and other general information. A few suitable candidates were then emailed through and upon perusal, appointments were made to meet up and decide on suitability. I was looking for a long-term nanny on set days so I could work so the commitment from me was genuine and therefore the search was important. I can hold my hand on my heart and say that I have been incredibly impressed by the whole experience.  And my kids adore our nanny who gives me daily updates in a little communications book, as many things get lost in the busy morning rush or evening tiredness. Plus if I need to tell our nanny something, I use the book for notes as they pop into my head on non-work days.

Recently when I needed a babysitter on another day and my regular nanny wasn’t available, the amazing girl that was sent was a huge hit with the three younger ones making my time away so much easier.  I have recommended Geelong Nannies to many friends and all have come back with equally glowing reports.

But don’t just listen to me, take the word of my three year old when I asked her why she likes our nanny, “She let me do painting, arts and the craft and um, um, um…play at the park”. When I asked her another time she replied, “She let me make cake and dinner and she put me in to the toaster.” Make of that what you will!


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