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Jacq Of All Trades AU

Whether you are a little human or a grown-up seeking to improve happiness, health, wealth, strength and energy, Jacq Of All Trades will enrich your experience and quality of life, bringing joy, love, and laughter through many avenues such as dance, fitness, meditation, coaching and artwork.

Child friendly services include;

- Dance With Jacq Adult Beginner Dance Classes, Torquay
- Face Painting Nightjar Market
- Pilates With Jacq for Dancers pre professional. Private bookings available.

Face Painting ~
Jacq takes pride in her ability to connect with every child and 'grown up' through face painting. With her bright paints, creativity and positive energy, she brings joy to all that she meets.

"... I have many jobs in The Arts industry, however children's entertainment and face painting is one of the most special as I get to meet all kinds of people, from the shy little ones getting their face painted for the very first time, to the grandparents who decided they wanted to play too! I love encouraging them all to use their imagination and creativity, to be different, build confidence and have fun." ~ Jacquelyn McCarthy, Jacq Of All Trades

After asking their name, what their favourite colours are, she gets painting, as they begin talking about interests, siblings, pets, even their biggest dreams.

"... It's pretty cool to go from being complete strangers to having a great chat and laugh about all things silly or serious..and all usually in a matter of minutes!"
"...To have such a positive influence on people through face painting is heart warming and so much fun...... I love how they just know they can relax, and let their guard down around me, enough to close their eyes, while I tickle their face with brushes, paint, and glitter..."
~ Jacquelyn McCarthy, Jacq Of All Trades

With the final touches done, she holds up the mirror, and as they look at their reflection, their faces light up! Excited, they smile, giggle, roar, gasp and either dash off to play or just freeze and stare into the mirror admiring their creative collaboration. Overall the experience; positive and the reaction; priceless.

Professional Dancer | Dance Teacher & Mindset Mentor | Choreographer
Children's entertainer | Face painter | Shannis Parties |
Certificate IV Pilates-Breathe Education | Reformer | Barre | Mat  | KX Pilates
Artist | Dance Art | Original Acrylic on Canvas | Art Prints | Custom Made to Order

Jacq Of All Trades AU
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