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Jacq Of All Trades - Master Of Fun

Whether you are a little human or a grown-up seeking to improve happiness, health, wealth, strength and energy, Jacq Of All Trades will enrich your experience and quality of life, bringing joy, love, and laughter through many avenues such as dance, fitness, meditation, coaching and artwork.

Face Painting ~ Vegan friendly
Jacq takes pride in her ability to connect with every child and 'grown up' through face painting. With her bright paints, creativity and positive energy, she brings joy to all that she meets.

"... I have many jobs in The Arts industry, however children's entertainment and face painting is one of the most special as I get to meet all kinds of people, from the shy little ones getting their face painted for the very first time, to the grandparents who decided they wanted to play too! I love encouraging them all to use their imagination and creativity, to be different, build confidence and have fun." ~ Jacquelyn McCarthy, Jacq Of All Trades

After asking their name, what their favourite colours are, she gets painting, as they begin talking about interests, siblings, pets, even their biggest dreams.

"... It's pretty cool to go from being complete strangers to having a great chat and laugh about all things silly or serious..and all usually in a matter of minutes!"
"...To have such a positive influence on people through face painting is heart warming and so much fun...... I love how they just know they can relax, and let their guard down around me, enough to close their eyes, while I tickle their face with brushes, paint, and glitter..."
~ Jacquelyn McCarthy, Jacq Of All Trades

With the final touches done, she holds up the mirror, and as they look at their reflection, their faces light up! Excited, they smile, giggle, roar, gasp and either dash off to play or just freeze and stare into the mirror admiring their creative collaboration. Overall the experience; positive and the reaction; priceless.

A little bit about WHY Jacq has been face painting and entertaining kids for almost a decade!

"It's not just face painting. Just like teaching dance; It's not just about teaching dance. Just like teaching Pilates; It's not just about teaching Pilates, Mat, Barre, Mum's and Bubs and so on. All of these things are just the vehicle to much much more.

At Jacq Of All Trades, it's about the energy, the experience, the positive impact and the connection created through any service or product that we provide.

I see face painting as a creative, fun and healing opportunity to work with kids on many levels. I care so much for our next gen, their overall health and happiness, how they feel & what they have to say. I genuinely enjoy giving them my undivided attention as I know how much they really appreciate that. Although time is short with each of them, I do everything I can to make sure I can influence them in a positive way. I would confidently say we drop into a place of meditation or mindfulness together. I encourage them to breathe deeply, relax their face ‘just like they're sleeping', feeling the brush on their skin, talking about colour's and what they want; my energy calms the nervous and flighty kids and the already super relaxed ones almost fall asleep with my hand holding their chin. It's really special.

Parents often say, “..this is the longest she/he has ever waited for ANYTHING!” Or “…this is the longest she/he has ever sat still! You truly have a gift!".

It is my goal that every single person that gets their face/leg/arm painted leaves feeling vibrant, energised, heard, happier, loved, confident , calm and Grounded.

Not to mention, waiting in line teaches them the best patience ever ;) -  Or maybe it teaches the parents? ;)  

"..I am so grateful to do what I love and coach an expanding tribe of like-minded members to entertain, spread more fun, glitter, colour and energy at parties, festivals and events across Australia - 'just like Jacq'
Any member of JOAT has been taught and coached to know the key special skills and techniques that set us a bar above the rest when it comes to spending time, entertaining and face painting your kids. So it would be safe to say, they too, know all of Jacq's special tricks of The Trade' - Pun always intended ;).

 - Jacquelyn McCarthy, Director Jacq Of All Trades.


Face Painting | Magic | Dancing | Giant Jenga | Giant Bubbles | Bio Glitter | Craft | Interactive Games
High Energy, Heart Centered Kids Entertainment covering a variety of events including Birthdays, Sports Clubs, Weddings, RSL's, Markets, Festivals, Events, Venues, Community Centres, Schools, Launches.

Body Paint (Incl Neon and Glow Paints) | Bio Glitter | Live Music | Interactive Dancers | Giant Jenga | Hype Crew
Our wonderful crew of entertainers can bring the buzz to any event such as Hen's Parties, 18th/21st/30th/40th/50th Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Coachella/Festival Themed Parties, End Of Year Celebrations, Workplace Events + Everything In Between.

Jacq works with you to bring your vision to life so your special day will be one to remember! Simple, traditional, full production or flash mob style with the entire bridal party - we cover everything!

Looking to add live music to your next event? We have an amazing collection of music acts that can bring the entertainment! From 5 piece bands to acoustic duo's all covering various era's and hits consisting of INXS, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Black Sorrows, U2, Pink, The Black Keys, Bruno Mars + Much more. Each act comes equipped with their own PA Sound System and Lighting.

Did you know Jacq is a qualified Thrive Breathwork Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence and Heart Intelligence Coach for all ages, specializing in coaching ‘Young Boys & Girls’, ‘Highly Sensitive Girls’, ‘‘Dance Mums’, ‘Dancers’ & ‘Fitness Professionals’?
“We come together, drop the drama, let go and surrender to our current experience, whether it be filled with a little or a lot of overwhelm, pain, anxiety, stress, burn out, depression and more. Breathing Space is a space created for regular check-ins in person, online and via phone, in private 1on1 or group environments”

PRODUCTS (Postage and Delivery available)
- 100% Organic Australian Aloe Vera/Eucalypt Bio Glitter Pots $10 Each or 3 for $25 (bulk order and custom sizes available)
- Hand Made Feathered Earrings & Necklaces $10 Each or 3 for $25
- Giant Jenga Set Custom Designs from $80

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