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Friends in the Garden

Friends in the Garden

How many friends do you have in your garden? Look out the window, how many can you see? Not many? Maybe you have to investigate further to find them.....

Now that you’ve got your gumboots and hat on let’s explore and see who we can find.

Look there is Busy Bee! She is definitely a friend in your garden. You don’t need to get too close as she has important work to do and may not want you interrupting her.  Busy Bee’s job is to collect nectar and fertilise the plants so that they can produce fruit. She is very helpful in a vegie patch. When a vegetable plant starts to flower she flies in and sucks up the nectar and collects grains of pollen. When she moves to the next flower she leaves some of the pollen behind. This helps that plant to produce its fruit. No bees, no fertilisation, no fruit or vegies!


Look down in the soil; can you see another little friend working hard in your garden? It’s Wilbur Worm and all his friends squirming around. Wilbur’s job is different from Busy Bees. He likes to work in the dark, deep in the soil. Wilbur and many of his friends like to breakdown dead plant matter and turn it into fast nutritious food for plants.  They get the soil ready for plants to grow strong and healthy. Next time you are digging in your garden see how many worms there are, a healthy garden is full of worms. 

Look closely at your roses or flowering plants because you may find another friend. This one is busy eating aphids, she’s not very ladylike in her eating habits, consuming up to 75 aphids a day!  It’s Lily Ladybug.  Lily and her babies eat very small insects. If you are very careful you can move Lily around your garden making sure she has plenty to eat. She will love it.  When Lily takes off for a fly she beats her wings about 85 times a second!


Another friend you may have in your garden may be hard to spot but easy to hear at night. It’s Freddy Frog. He blends with his environment so predators don’t eat him but his croaking gives him away when it becomes dark. Freddy also loves to eat insects that maybe feasting on your plants. He can eat caterpillars and small insects as well as mosquito larvae. Freddy will come to live in gardens that are healthy and have water source. 

There are many animal and insect friends that may live in or visit your garden throughout the year.  So head outside and make some new friends!


Loretta Hart

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