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My name is Stacey and I have lived in Ocean Grove with my husband and three children since January 2008. I have been working with children for over fifteen years, as an indoor sports co-ordinator, in various crèche and daycare centres, and also as a graphic artist. Since re-locating to Ocean Grove I am now employed as an educator and fitness instructor. It is in this very busy role that I have recognised the need for an easy to access and community relevant site that specialises in all things for kids in this beautiful Bellarine area.

Whilst ‘word of mouth’ is fantastic, it is easy to forget the name of that place or that business that is having lunch specials or where/when the next children’s market is! When I have sat with fellow parents at a Mother’s Group or simply on a park bench watching the children play, I have noticed how similar conversations inevitably occur.

I have found that people are more than willing to share their expertise when asked and that there is an abundance of local talent and resources right here within our community. It’s great to know where that ‘home-made’ dress came from or even where to get your child’s first haircut.

Bellarine Kids is an information portal that contains all of the answers to the things parents and caregivers like to know. A quick search on an unplanned day could also result in: the location of a new recreational park, identification of a great local business deal such as a two for one smoothie at a nearby café, and a reminder that Storytime is on at the local library.

Thanks to Bellarine Kids, an unplanned day could easily turn into a busy and fulfilling morning!

If you would like more information on our affordable advertising packages, or to discuss your advertising needs in more detail, please email and I will reply with our price information note. To encourage all local businesses to advertise with us, we aim to keep our advertising prices low.

Bellarine Kids will do their best to keep all advertised information up to date and correct, providing direct links to the businesses website for further, detailed information.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this initiative.

Yours truly, Stacey.

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