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Together with Bellarine, Greater Geelong and Great Ocean Road Kids', we have developed a new and easy to navigate website. Allowing for future developments and the ability to expand and advertise externally, the opportunity to support non-for-profit groups, charities, school, kinder, parent, toy library and play groups’ etc.

Advertising on Bellarine Kids, Greater Geelong Kids and/or Great Ocean Road Kids website includes all of the following:

1. An advertisement in either ONE explore, eat, services, shop, or education category, with links to your actual business website.

2. Promotion in the local links category, a directory with links to your actual business website.

3. ONE advertisement of your business in our newsletter, with links directly to your actual business website.

4. We are more than happy to share your advertisement on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, also in our term by term flyer/newsletter at no additional fee.

5. Joining Bellarine Kids/Greater Geelong/Great Ocean Road Kids allows you to email or phone me with new products, sales, deals etc and I will update the website with your current details each week and update the newsletter accordingly.

6. Joining Bellarine and/or Greater Geelong and/or Great Ocean Road Kids will also allow you to be a part of our events and promotions! For the past few years Bellarine Kids have released enviro ‘Local Bags’ of Goodness’ and held many successful Expo's. The Expo's have been well very received by both the families who came to enjoy all the great stalls and activities available, and the stallholders themselves.

Other events planned for Bellarine Kids include: a family fun day, a couple of children's health and wellness workshops, the running of the Kids Quarters at the Queenscliff Music Festival and the Kids Zone at the NightJar Festivals and a few local markets. PLUS we can also include your business story and image/s in our new section in the Geelong Surf Coast and Living Magazine.

7. Users of and/or and/or can also subscribe to a newsletter. The newsletter will contain your advertisement, current promotions etc and it will be emailed directly to the subscribers inbox. The software used for the newsletter, as well as the website, provides me with plenty of figures, from the number of subscriber’s and unsubscribed's, to the numbers of user’s clicking the links on the newsletter and website pages and then being re-directed to your businesses actual webpage. We are able to report this information back to you to ensure the website is an effective and useful promotional tool for your business.

Are you involved in a foundation, school, sporting or a non-for-profit group? We would be more than happy to promote your event on our website for no fee!

If you would like more information on our affordable advertising packages, or to discuss your advertising needs in more detail, please email and I will reply with more information.

To encourage all local businesses to advertise with us, we aim to keep our advertising prices low.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this initiative. Together, let’s share our local goodness!


Stacey has done a fantastic job at getting so many Bellarine businesses on board. She has a clear mission and determination to see people with children experience the very best the Bellarine has to offer. 

Well done Stacey for initiating such a great resource for our community.

Sarah Valentine
Bellarine Business Women

We are happy to be recognised as a partner with Bellarine Kids.

The network of businesses provides greater benefits to families and kids in the Bellarine.

Rod Wayth
Queenscliff Bowling Tennis and Croquet Club

I think Bellarine Kids is a wonderful innovation.

If your business has anything to do with kids you just have to be a part of it!

Kate McLean
Whale Spout

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